"There is such beauty in simply acknowledging what makes a place special. For Comporta, it’s the perfect balance between Nature and the local lifestyle that makes it the unique place it is. Quinta da Comporta isn’t about changing that, it’s about respecting and honouring that connection so its legacy lasts in time."
Miguel Câncio Martins

Located in the heart of Comporta’s traditional and authentic small village, Quinta da Comporta is the new sustainable signature project envisioned and designed by renowned Portuguese Architect, Miguel Câncio Martins.

Dedicated to preserving Comporta’s essence, Quinta da Comporta was shaped through a journey that embraces the fundamental pillars of sustainability. The personal connection Miguel Câncio Martins has with the destination reinforces his commitment to perpetuate the sublime authenticity of Comporta, from the preservation of the natural landscape and surrounding ecosystems, to respecting the integration of traditional architecture, the local community and the unique character and history of the location.

The construction project gravitates around the rehabilitation of pre-existing structures and materials throughout the property. The development process is thoughtful and dedicated to privilege a low impact construction concept in all the Resort.

In fact, at Quinta da Comporta, less is more. The use of solar panels creates sustainable electricity, the implementation of treatment processes allows the reutilization of residual waters in the gardens, the exclusive use of bikes and electrical buggies inside the resort cuts back on toxic exhausts and controlling the mosquitos with cutting edge methods preserves their ecosystem and Comporta’s natural beauty.

This is Quinta da Comporta’s way of amplifying its true value: by respecting Nature it generates more compassion in its Guests, who can discover and value the privilege of simply appreciating and being connected to Nature.

Quinta da Comporta celebrates Comporta’s sublime spirit by reinventing the lines of old warehouses, fishermen cabanas and typical thatched houses into new places future generations can enjoy together and re-live as their own. The eco conscience of the Resort prolongs itself into the use of locally sourced materials and artefacts that Portuguese artisans continue to craft genuinely. “Bunho” and “vime”, rattan décor details, handcrafted wooden furniture, traditional ceramics and tableware from Caldas da Rainha city and other carefully chosen pieces are an integral part. This same concept extends to Quinta da Comporta’s Spa with rice as the main element for beauty and wellness treatments, and Restaurant with local products and seasonal dishes that are made with vegetables, fruits, edible flowers and herbs harvested in the Resort’s bio-garden.

However, the sustainability commitment of Quinta da Comporta is also tangible in the connection it created with its locals and the traditions of the village. The main street that gives access to the Resort was revitalized giving a new dynamic to the area, honouring the heritage that characterizes the location and that has had such a significant impact on Miguel Câncio Martins’ life.