Restaurant & Bar



How can one translate the culture of a place through flavours? At Quinta da Comporta, we do it by incorporating, into our selection of seasonal dishes, the best natural ingredients that surround us. From the sea to the earth, we privilege fish as the main protein and carefully select bio and fresh produce that is locally sourced, to provide a sublime, authentic and local culinary journey. We believe each ingredient in itself hosts a unique sensorial discovery and respect the original attributes that make each element so exceptional.


An uninterrupted view of the magnificent rice fields creates the perfect blend of colours as the sun sets with sublime waves of pink, orange and red merging into the deep and lush green on either side our Cocktail Bar. Here, colours inspire a selection of signature cocktails and drinks that capture freshness and Comporta’s characteristic aromas harvested in our in-house Bio-Garden in each recipe. With an indoor lounge and outdoor terrace, we bring the outside in with a décor that invites you to relax and simply experience the best of the local lifestyle: from the selection of original drinks, the cool and elegant ambiance, to views that inspire wellness.