Design Concept

“Comporta holds a very dear place in my heart. It is part of my identity, heritage and family tradition. The very core of what defines Comporta – a place where families and friends reunite and come together to slow down and reconnect to what’s important in life – is what I envisioned for this project."
Miguel Câncio Martins

The intention? To honour and integrate everything that is unique and characteristic of Comporta in one place. To preserve its identity, traditions and community whilst simultaneously adding a contemporary feel so Quinta da Comporta becomes a sustainable and authentic reflection of its location for generations to come.

From traditional architectural lines to all décor details, everything at Quinta da Comporta was thought of to be a genuine translation of the local way of living, at the same time as providing a deeper connection to the neighbouring natural reserve, for a real journey inwards.

Spacious Deluxe and Duplex Rooms and Rooftop Suites gain life in the property mirroring the typical white houses with distinctive terracotta-tiled rooftops. The exclusive Pool Villas take shape as the characteristic thatched houses meanwhile the local barns inspire the exclusive Restaurant and ORYZA Spa. The blue print of Quinta da Comporta reflects its commitment to paying homage to the village through a Design Concept that preserves Comporta’s undeniable heritage and structural personality.

Inspired by the sublime beauty of the surrounding environment, an open and connected to nature concept privileges every room and all outlets with breath taking views. The neutral palette of tones is set by the use of salvaged natural materials of the area, such as wood, wicker, glass and stone with décor motifs designed by local artisans that colour in each space with elegance and authenticity.

The result is a Design Concept that is inviting, integrates the community and is faithful to Comporta’s culture both in style and lifestyle without compromising the highest level of comfort and sophistication.