rice [ɔˈryː.za] /ˈspɑ/

Rising out of the Rice Fields just over the heated Infinity Pool, ORYZA SPA indulges in RICE as the core element of inspiration, sourcing its health and holistic benefits through the development of innovative treatments and products that are exclusive to our spa.

ORYZA SPA was built with respect for Comporta’s traditional architectural designs, using reclaimed wood as the foundation and organic elements such as stone, metal, glass and other natural materials to furnish its interior providing a deep connection to the surrounding environment.

Surrounded by the lush green of Comporta’s natural environment, evoking a sense of wellness and connection to nature, ORYZA SPA is the perfect setting to enjoy a nurturing experience with a deep inner focus, through a selection of therapeutic rituals that balance and restore energies, unifying body, mind and spirit. At ORYZA SPA, we encourage a soul searching, body replenishing and mind calming spiritual journey, creating an experience with ultimate meaning. Here we do not escape life, but let life envelop us with its sublime beauty, health, energy and restorative properties.


  • Bespoke treatment Rooms (huge variety of custom made SPA services)
  • Indoor heated swimming pool with acqua jets (closed as per Portuguese health organization instructions)
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Hamman (closed as per Portuguese health organization instructions)
  • Sauna (closed as per Portuguese health organization instructions)
  • Ice fountains

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